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Maps of the Scottish Islands by Franz Johann Joseph Von Reilly (Austria 1766-1820)

Von Reilly was a Viennese art dealer, mapmaker and publisher. 


Isle of Mull circa 1795    No. 689


sheet size 290mm x 415mm

image size 197mm x 323mm


Shetland circa 1795

Shetland circa 1795     No.684

sheet size 293mm x 498mm

image size 206mm x 338mm


Jura circa 1795

Jura circa 1795     No. 691

sheet size 292mm x 404mm

image size 210mm x 347mm


Bara circa 1795

Bara circa 1795  not numbered

sheet size 291mm x 406mm

image size 196mm x 328mm



Arran circa 1795

Arran circa 1795   No. 693

sheet size 289mm x 404mm

image size 266mm x 334mm


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